ZariaMassacre: Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has never resisted arrest

ZariaMassacre: Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has never resisted arrest

I decided to write this article due to the presentation at the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) on the #ZariaMassacre of an anti-Shia character going by the name Prof Mahadi who made fraudulent presentation that was coated with hatred for Shia Islam and Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky. To underlined his extreme hatred for Shia Islam he arrogantly announced while introducing himself “My name is Mahadi, but not Shiites Mahdi”.

But I am not bordered by his hatred and venomous statements at the Commission as that is expected from a brainwashed die-hard Wahhabi Takfiri who has #ShiaGenocide as a global agenda. My gross with him is that he also made false claims and assumptions. He said: “Assuming Zakzaky have surrender himself, hundreds of youths woundn’t be killed.” By making this untainable assumption, Prof Mahadi wanted to put the blame of the brutal slaughter by the Nigerian Army of close to 1000 defenseless and unarmed Nigerians on Sheikh Zakzaky that he hated so much and who was also a victim of the inhuman massacre.

For the sake of intellectual discuss and the desire to set records straight, I will share the speech of Sheikh Zakzaky on 12th September, 1996 when a combined team of the Nigerian police and Soldiers came to arrest him at his residence during the Gen. Abacha regime. The speech of Sheikh Zakzaky before the arrest:

“Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Ta’ala Wa Barakatuhu!

Today we woke up and as is usual with our activities we use of discuss issues of importance after every Subhi prayers but for today we see the arrival of heavily-armed police and soldiers. There is a high-ranking officer accompanying them, I do not know his name, who showed me a warrant to search my house for weapons, ammunition and things related to that.

Then I asked the officer how do you conduct such search? He answered that they will search from room-to-room and they went round all the room but did not find any weapons and ammunition, what they took were some letters and crude impliments that we seized from the hoodlums that attacked us in Kudan that were kept at the Garrage.

Then after the police officers have finish the search then they said that the commissioner of police in Kaduna will have a word with me. I answered them that we are civilized people and I have been arrested countless times due to my peaceful activities, let them just tell me that I am under arrest. The usual protocol is that after they search your house you have to follow them to their Station to write a statement.

I want all brothers to understand that God is the overseer of all our affairs and He is Khairu Hafiza (The best Protector), people should be patient and confident of God protection. All these happenings are Milestones on the path and whenever we see these Milestones they increase us in faith. If this is an arrest – and it is an arrest – this is not the first time of such arrest so people should not be worried.

All brothers should be calm, the Movement even if I am not among you the programs and activities of the Movement should continue. And lastly, nobody should make any attempt to follow me. I will go with Sheikh Turi (recently Martyred in the #ZariaMassacre) and brother Badamasi who is my blood brother. Therefore nobody should accompany us.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu!”

Nigerians use to think that Gen. Abacha is the most brutal and wicked dictator to have govern this nation but what they do not know is that the present Nigerian President Buhari is more wicked than Gen. Abacha. We have it on good authority that it was Gen. Buhari who pressured Gen. Abacha to arrest Sheikh Zakzaky in 1996 and crush the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

And that was not the first time that President Buhari showed evil intentions towards Sheikh Zakzaky. On exactly 17/12/1984 Gen. Buhari who was then the Nigerian military ruler sent his notorious Gestapo – like secret police, the NSO, to arrest Sheikh Zakzaky in Zaria. Sheikh Zakzaky was kept at the “Alagbon Close” notorious NSO dungeon for months where the Sheikh was tortured morning, day and night. Nigerians will remember that alot of politicians were held and tortured at the notorious Alagbon Close detention Centre and most of them died after their release by the Gen. IBB administration.

Finally, Sheikh Zakzaky have never resisted arrest by Nigerian security agencies. The events of last December in Zaria was not about arresting Sheikh Zakzaky, it was about killing him and destroying the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN). In civilized societies with responsible governments when the Army Chief made claims that “Shiites wanted to assassinate him”, the police is mandated under the law to investigate his claims and make arrest if necessary but in the Zaria pogrom no such thing happened. Heavily-armed soldiers were sent in to brutally slaughter defenseless Nigerians and after that dumped their dead bodies in mass Graves. This is the peak of wickedness and evil that should be investigated by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the culprits no mater how high their position punish in accordance with international laws for what was undoubtedly a war crime.

Harun Elbinawi