By Sameer El-Hajj 

Yes! We are desperate to have the list of our brothers detained by the Nigeria army. 
Firstly, I will like to remind the army chief that those people they confined are citizens, no matter how serious is their crime, they are still suspects, until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
The criminal justice system is a machinery through which someone suspected of committing a crime is processed and subsequently disposed. 
The criminal justice system is also an instrument of justice which act to hold criminals accountable for their crime while simultaneously  protecting the right of the suspect.
The criminal justice system consists of the Police, Court and Prison. The Military is not a part and parcel of the criminal justice. 
Even if members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria committed an offence, they are expected to be handed over to the police, processed to court for proceedings. It is only the court of law that is capable of labelling a person as criminal or not, but not the military.
Surprisingly, the military under Buratai confined our friends for over 60 days without a single information. We want to know the people detained. We will also want to have access to them for clarifications. 
We will never keep quite unless we know what's up.  
#Free Zakzaky
Sameer El-Hajj 
Struggle for comrades