Zaria Massacre: Sheikh Zakzaky described how his sons were murdered by the Nigerian army:

These are the two sons of Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky, Martyr Hammad Zakzaky and Martyr Hummaid Zakzaky, that were executed by the Nigerian army infront of their father and mother.

Sheikh Zakzaky told those that visited him how these his two sons were murdered by the Nigerian army:

“As for Hammad (15 years) they shot him in his neck and the bullets cut-off his neck like the slaughter of a Ram.”

“As for Hummaid (13 years) they shot him on his nose and the bullets blew up his brain.”

Sheikh Abdulraham Yola who was among the visitor said that when Sheikh Zakzaky was narrating this sad event to them he was calm and composed.

Eternal curse and curse of God upon Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and all those who partake in the inhuman massacre of 800+ Shia Muslims in Zaria and dumped their dead bodies in Mass Graves.