Though we have been expecting the COAS to say something, not on the massacre they committed in Zaria from 12 to 14 December, but on a vital issue that we must keep telling the world about it.

After the unjustified massacre of innocent juveniles, women and men of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, the illegal incarceration of the Leader of the movement and his wife Malam Zeenatuddeen. The Nigeria army kidnapped many more members of the movement, mostly youths and detained them in a private military detention facility.

Many students are missing, youths that belongs to the age bracket of 20 to 35. I will never stop to wonder the reasons why the army in Nigeria are behaving in an antisocial manner, breaching all the military ethics by adopting a jungle justice style. Why on earth a military institution will confined people without any statement of the reason of the confinement. I begin to sense something different, why 20-35 age bracket? What is their motive? Who is behind such a barbaric mission.

We want the world to know the ordeal of our brothers and sisters, spending over four months confined illegally. We will never understand any sort of magic from the military, they must account for our missing brothers and sisters. We knew that our missing brothers and sisters are not in the mass graves, they are with you somewhere. And torturing them to death or killing them or torturing them with hunger or its kind is an extrajudicial killing.

We need the list of those people confined, because they are there. Whatever happens to them from 14 December onward is a crime against humanity, crime against Nigerians and a clear violation of human fundamental rights as dictated by the Nigerian constitution.

We accept the fact that some of our brothers and sisters were martyred between 12 to 14 December and some were taken to Kaduna prison. We congratulate the martyred brothers because they are enjoying themselves in the heaven. And their killers must also die and go back to Allah for judgement. But for those confined by the army, we will never forget that they are denied freedom, cheated, oppressed, subjected to unfair detention...
Sameer El-Hajj