By Mahadi Amiru Yawale

In the name of Allah.

Well! Its known to all people nationally and internationally that the Massacre conducted by the Nigerian Army on the IMN members and their leader is almost a year now. And the people that conduct this kind of atrocities are yet not ready to give off and to do justice to the oppressed ones.

On 12-14th of December last year, Zaria serves as abbatoir where 1000+ of citizens were slaughtered, burnt alive, torture, mass graved etc. The people that make this kind of genocide are those expected to protect the citizens.

Since after this hear-touching genocide, many activities where carried out to ensure justice is done but yet justice is no where to be found. People of conscience and intelligence are always chanting, supporting and demanding for justice to the ever peace lover in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky(H). All the rights of the IMN members and their leader were deprived even right to protest.

We called upon the people of conscience where ever they are to support the oppressed and to opposed the oppressors as stated in every religion. None of the religions we have said we should support oppression. And yet some are even saying the pogrom is good religiously.

Really, a person who knows nothing apart from selfish and lacks inhumanity can not make justice at whole his life. Despite the fact he has brain but surely it is of no important. Because he can't use it to differentiate between right and wrong.

It is known to every person who knows IMN that the movement is a movement that never support oppressions and will never ever support it. It is as a result of this Nigerian government is always
trying to eliminate the movement and its leader Sheikh Zakzaky in particular. Nigerian government is ruling its followers with injustice and inhumanity which is known to the whole world. Its laws and orders are obeyed by
the followers but not obeyed by the government. And this is what IMN Leader is
trying to eradicate in the country so that all
people will live in an interesting manner.

And the Nigerian governments have said several times that, this movement would bring the end of their

In Last December 2015, in a program that the IMN yearly organized, an unimaginable atrocities
occurred where a large number of IMN members were killed by the Nigerian Army under the command of the country's tyrant leader Buhari Adamu with the full intention of killing the revered Leader of the movement Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky(H).
During the attack hundreds of Armless civilians were killed up to almost 1000+ in not less than 48 hours in the head quarter of the movement situated at Zaria city Kaduna state. The hundreds of the killed IMN members were not
just killed with guns but rather some were burnt alive to death. And some were beaten up by the Nigerian Army up to death.

Nevertheless, during this atrocities there are
hundreds of the IMN members that are taken to the soldiers barrack including both male and females and even small children which is against the country's law. Among those taken to the barrack there are some females that the
soldiers rape and some females were killed by
putting knives and other devices into their
private parts to death.
The soldiers did not stop there after killing the hundreds IMN but they went into IMN leader's house where they shot Him in uncountable places together with His wife Hajia Zeenatddeen
Ibrahim. And these happen after the soldiers have killed another 3 of His(IMN Leader) biological sons in His front.

And after all these, they prove to us that they were sent by their God Fathers by taken Sheikh Zakzaky and His wife with them up to date. All these atrocities happened when the tyrant Leader
Buhari Adamu attend an occasion organized by Singers in the city of Zaria. But up to
now he did not say anything about the Massacre.


The atrocities involves a large number of
Nigerians citizens some of which are:

■Almost 1000+ were killed or missing.
■887 Families so far affected.
■Not less than 472 Widows.
■1937 Orphans.
■100+ Orphans born to Widows since the Massacre.
■191 in prison custody.
■62 of those in prison are students.
■Over 300 Hospitalised with various degree of
injuries, others life threatening, up til now.
■2 died in prison due to lack of medical attention.
■347 that included women and children in a single mass grave in Mando , outskirts of
Kaduna (According to Kaduna state Governor
Nasir Elrufai).

At last we demand the urgent release of our
leader Sheikh Zakzaky unconditionally, his wife and other detained IMN members. We also want our destroyed assets to be fully compensated.

# FreeZakZaky
# GodBeWithZakZaky