ZARIA MASSACRE: I am Free to Think and Choose

By Ammar M. Rajab

As at today 11th of March, 2016, it's 88 days since the illegal detention of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria after killing a thousand plus of defenceless Muslims in Zaria by the Nigerian government through its army. Till now, the Nigerian government that was elected to protect the life of her citizens and claims democratic system of government does not give the revered Shaikh his provisional constitutional rights. People’s opinion regarding the tragedy differs, but one thing people ought to understand is that; life is precious and meaningful to the society. Shielding a person who murdered another person in cold blood is like protecting the oppressors who live in corrupt thinking. However, to endorse someone killing is as if you are the same with the person who used different sort of guns and barrel to kill, just that you lack the opportunity. As a human, the almighty Allah gave you the ability to think and choose the right path. And every human who has human feelings will no and never side with the murderous Nigerian soldiers. Its of paramount important to know the meaning of humanity, but in order to know the meaning of humanity, it is necessary to know the meaning of freedom; and in order to know the meaning of freedom, it is obligatory to know what to think and choose and know what actions responsible for. Surely, Allah, be the exalted, created humans as wit thinkers. There are various imaginations, numerous emotions and wills which are born in humans. Then, you have the ability to think and decide to do things or to give it up. Sometimes, you may contemplate in such imaginations, wills, and feelings, and then choose some or refuse others. This is a simple formula that may help you to understand which route to follow regarding the Zaria Massacre that resulted to killing of human being like you. Therefore I am free to choose, and Allah (the almighty) has given me the ability of choice. This is because a will is created in myself regarding a certain food or, clothes, then I choose which colour to choose. A will is also created in me for obtaining science and knowledge; therefore I search for them and choose from what I wish. A will is created in me to council with on a subject, and then I make a decision. I sometimes face various ideologies, thoughts, customs, and different kinds of attitudes, morals, and behaviors, and then I think and choose the one which suits me. Ideally, we have to put in our mine that in our way of thinking and choosing, we have to try and counter centrifugal, and then follow the right way even if majority of people followed the oppressors, be with the just even if they are the minority, surely almighty Allah is with truth, and truth always prevail and surely almighty Allah will make the truth peoples to conquer the world. Email: