In contemporary times, one may never have a justification to use Cesare Lambroso as a reference for establishing a criminal case, you cannot easily identify a person as a capable offender due to his physical characteristics as opined by the Italian criminologist. Seeing a person with big nose, excessive jaw, small head or extra-large head does not qualify him to be a criminal, while in classical criminological thought, it is one of the methods applied in recognizing an offender.

Contemporary scholars in Criminology have far go beyond the classical crude method of criminal investigation, interrogation, information gathering, security reports, punishments and other key concepts. The injection of psychology into the domain of Criminology and security studies helps in orienting the educated security personnel to manipulate and maneuver serious cases and make fun of them.

Most at times, they release a piece of information purposely for information gathering, in order to have a clue on the attitude of certain group of people, to establish a correspondence inference or common sense approach in attributing why people behave in a manner. They do not need to apply the attitude measurement mechanisms of either bipolar measurement or Liket scale measurement.
I see nothing but a conspiracy in the appearance of the counsel to DSS, Mr. Tijjani Gazali before the Federal high court Abuja. He was at the scene to send an undercover message to the general public which he did perfectly. With Gazali message to the court, the department will be able to gather responses of Nigerians on the illegal detention of the Leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky. But before then, they had already influenced people's response with a first impression intentional message through Gazali, they are the black and white pictures of Sheikh Zakzaky and his family visitors. The leader was dressed in his usual outfit, and looking more at home.

The second reason of Gazali's appearance is to influence the attitude of members of the Islamic movement, to make them feel relief of the heating Zaria massacre and seize from the global intellectual campaign. Also, to have knowledge of collective reactions of members of the movement. To know whether the pictures will be able to serve as a medium that exclude DSS from the historic evil Zaria massacre. The pictures are more powerful than the words outers by the counsel. Ask yourself, if Sheikh Zakzaky is comfortable, why wouldn't they allow him to address his concerned followers? Millions are desperate to hear a word from him, let the DSS invite some selected media crew for an exclusive radio and television interview with the comfortable Sheikh.

The kindhearted DSS alleged that they spent over 5 million for the Sheikh, for that they should request for a refund from Buratai, whose army stole over 10million from Hussainiyyah donation.
Please, do not fall into this modern trick, aha!
Comrade Sameer El-Hajj