As the president and his cabinet are busy celebrating a year in office, I will like to draw the attention of people of good conscience, our brothers in humanity on a very important issue that occurred during the one year of president Buhari in office. The incident that happened in Zaria on the 12, 13th and 14th December 2015 is a crime against humanity, crime against citizens of our beloved country Nigeria, where over 1,000 people were mercilessly killed with the fake excuse of road blockage.

The COAS claimed that members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, blocked his convoy from passing at Sokoto road, Zaria, but they managed to clear the road with live ammunitions and move ahead. There is one thing that the Nigeria army cannot get rid of, they are highly anti-social, they lack sense of reasoning, with no sense of judgement, and they are trained to act like demons and other species not human. If they are rational and calculative, after clearing the blockage with bullets, they should have invited the police for a proper investigation of the incident, but they shun the due process.

If the Zaria massacre is not a planned operation with the consent of the presidency, the chief of army staff will not have proceed from the scene just to massacre people that were not present at the actual place. Sokoto road in Zaria is some kilometres away from Gyallesu residence of Sheikh Zakzaky, the army could not present facts on the correlations between what happened with the COAS convoy at Sokoto road and their barbaric clampdown at Gyallesu.

Sheikh Zakzaky was not present at the scene, his wife was not present, his 3 sons were not at the scene, and over 1,000 of his followers killed at his residence were not present at the sokoto road scene, what is their crime, why are they targeted, killed and maltreated? If some unknown people that were not clarified blocked the COAS from passing, then does the constitution of the state warrant the army to kill whoever blocks the COAS from passing? Who are they, why did they block the road, who plant them to do so? We also want to know. It was the presidency and the Nigeria army that knew, because they plan for the scene to execute the massacre, period!

A president of the largest nation in Africa could not address the nation over the massacre of over 1,000 citizens of the country. What did you expect from such a person who lacks the moral to sympathise with women that lost their husbands, fathers that lost their children, husbands that lost their wives, and children that lost their fathers? Citizens were burnt to death, women were shot at their private parts, and finally males and females were buried in a mass grave and yet we celebrate democracy day.

On this democracy day, oh great Nigerians, please help me to ask the president to identify exactly where the constitution PERMITS him to detain a person without court proceeding?  Because Sheikh Zakzaky is detained illegally by the state for over 4 months, together with his wife and other members of the movement. We need to stand with the oppressed and talk for the oppressed, because an oppressor is against all, if you remain silent on this, he will definitely come to you. The demand for the immediate release of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife is a collective responsibility, let us unite and loose our chains!
Comrade Elhaj Sameer