By Muhammad Ndanusa

The unconscious president of Nigeria, whose true health status is been concealed, failed to utter a word either in condemnation of or sympathize with the families of the over 1,000 victims of the historic Zaria Massacre.

Zaria Massacre which occurred in December 2015 would continue to be a national disaster, and a topic of discussion in the history of our dear country. Some persons would be subjects of lamentation and curse, while the names of victims of the massacre would be celebrated.

Whether the president is fit or unfit, death or alive, ill or healthy, that is none of our business, the only language which we understand at this juncture is FREE ZAKZAKY.

In fact, let me publicize my wish for the ailing president, I never wish him well and would never wish him so in the future. I pray for him a tragic end, may the foreign and local doctors fail to understand the nature of his sickness.

Someone may wonder why a citizen like me, will intentionally wish his president such a terrible condition and bad exit. I have all the reasons not to wish him well. He had committed to us what nothing would happen to him on earth which will outweigh his sin.

Let him die please, for he is the architect of the Zaria massacre, who ordered for the killing of infants, juveniles, youths, the old and women. Children and women whose lives are sacred in all religions, but the bloody ailing president masterminded for their cold blood massacre in Zaria.

Batula Jega was 2 years old before she was mercilessly killed by Nigerian troop in Gyallesu. The baby was killed unjustifiably with the consent of the ailing President. How dare will the blood of Batula free the hands soaked with it. Impossible, I swear.

Mu'azu, Faisal, Sadik and others are youths of age group 18-27; they were killed and set ablaze by the Nigerian army, with the consent of Buhari. Women were shot in their private parts, maltreated and dehumanized. Why will the culprits behind such atrocities live an effective life?

Many families were turned victims of psychological trauma and emotional distress. If not for they have a big heart and they did believed in the reality of a life after death (Barzakh), and do have faith in resurrection day; they could for long have gone mad or admitted in hospitals and remand homes.

Shaikh Zakzaky whose 3 biological sons were killed at his watch, was illegally incarcerated for over a year. His wife Malama Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim was equally maltreated and victimized.

A competent court of law ordered the ailing President to release the Sheikh and his wife, also pay a certain amount of compensation, which he failed to obey. Someone who is not ready to conform to a ruling which is part of what made him a president, what do we expect of him? The only language such persons do understand is the Will of the Almighty Allah and His supernatural powers. May Buhari not get well, period!