Youths in Bauchi Staged a Fresh Protest Demanding the Release of Sheikh Zakzaky

The youth wing of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, on Tuesday evening 25/1/2016, staged a fresh but peaceful protest demanding the immediate release of their detained leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in Bauchi.

Hundreds of Zakzaky's followers as well as their sympathisers protested on motorcycles venting their anger at the continued detention of Zakyzaky, which they described as illegal and unfair. The protest which was held peacefully along various streets of Bauchi city had also drew dozens of sympathisers to the protest.

The protesters chanted 'Zakzaky must be freed' in chorus and other slogans that were intended to tell the world that they would not relent protesting until they secured the release of their leader and redress for those who were massacred in broad daylight in Zaria. Various placards scribbled with " FREE ZAKZAKY " were used to drive home their demands. Among the sympathisers who watched the protest emotionally was an old woman who prayed for divine protection to the demonstrators " May the protest bring a desired result.

I pray to Allah to protect you from the devilish machinations of the Nigerian soldiers" She said. " As a nonviolence movement, you Shias do not deserve this atrocity, I support your course, keep fighting for justice until you secure the release of your leader" Said another onlooker watching the protest from the pavement.