Youth Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria organised a Seminar for the Youths at Tiga, Kano

The seminar started on Friday 31st January 2014 in the night and was closed on Sunday 2nd Febuary 2014 at Tiga Local Government Area of Kano state in Nigeria. During the seminar different scholars were invited to deliver a speech on different topics that are related to the youth, among the invited scholars are Malam Qasim Umar from Sokoto and Malama Zahra L Yaqoub from Kano.

 Malam Muhammad Mahmoud Turi was the guest speaker on the closing day who urges the youths to be devouted, he also advice the youths to make good use of their time for the fact that time is the precious gift and every successful person in the world must have been a good time manager. Speaking on the challenges in life, Malam Turi described Heart desires, Satan and the Society as the great challenges that we must face in life, and for one to tackle such challenges one must ask for a protection (Prayer) from Allah constantly against the Satan for Allah have promise to protect His servants against the Satan, and forcefully shun his heart desires.

Malam Turi also advises the youths to have good conducts. He later presented a gift to some of the participants and finally closed the seminar with some words of prayer. The participants went for the excursion at the well known Tigga Dam.