Yazid oversteps all boundaries in his crimes

The Leader of the Islamic Movement continued explaining the Ashura tragedy on day 28 of the Ashura gathering 1435AH. He explained further what happened at Yazid Palace in Damascus when the daughter of Imam cried as she wanted to see her father.

As she cried much and Yazid heard her crying,  he ordered to bring the head to her. As the head was inside a container, she said she was not interested in food but to see her father. As she opened the container she saw the head of her father, She died as a result what she saw happened to her father  instantly. Earlier on Sayyidah Hawlah passed on along the way for illness which they could not get water to give her medicine, in addion to miscarriage by one of the wives of Imam Husain(AS).

Yazid could not enslave the families of Imam Husain(AS), so he was advised, by some of his people, to kill Ali bn Husain(AS) so that Imam Husain(AS) should not have had progenies.  Yazid found the advice heavy to carry. Nu’man bn Bashir also advised Yazid not to treat them harshly, in a report.

In order to save his face, Yazid brought money and items to Sayyidah Zainab, alas, she rejected all and cursed him for killing Imam Husain(AS) and then bringing to them worldly items.

Still other people advised him to kill Aliy Bn Husain so that Imam Husain(AS) could not have children in future.

Yazid decided to leave Aliyu Bn Husain alone but promised to kill anyone from Husain’s family in future who dares to seek for any right; that person would face the sword of the family of Abu Sufyan, according to Yazid. None of the stance taken by Yazid and his advisers on the family of Imam Husain(AS) was close to showing mercy or being right. No mercy to Imam’s family, at all. They were left in dilapidated walls without care under harsh condition.

Yazid tried by all means to get the young Imam with fault, no matter how small it is, so that he would order for the killing of the Imam(AS),  but he could not get any. So, Yazid asked the young Imam to mention his requests, he mentioned them which include holding mourning at his Palace, 2. Yazid to return the Hijab of Az-Zhara(AS); 3. To return the heads to me.

Yazid agreed with all the requests according different reports. The first mourning took place at Yazid’s Palace.  Yazid accepted the requests, because things turned upside down for him as invocation of  curse on Yazid continued to grow in town, so he was looking for away to get out it by granting the requests of the Imam.

The families of Imam Husain(AS) left for Madina via Karbala from Damascus. Before their  arrival in Karbala,  Jabir bn Abdullahi  Ansari and some people from  Bani Assad paid visit to the Imam Husain(AS) in Karbala. Jabir (RA) recited some prayers and long speech praising the holy Imam.

Before he finished his prayers, Jabir watched the arrival of Imam Aliy bn Husain and his family approaching the   spot in Karbala. They met and mourned together

The news of Karbala tragedy and the killing of Imam Husain reached Madina at which the whole city turned into confusion; in all houses one could only hear sound of crying and weeping. The people of Madina and surroundings came out and reached to Imam Ali bn Husain and his family members where they stayed for a while before their arrival in the city of  Madina. The Imam addressed them and narrated the incidence which was never recorded in the history of humanity.

Then Imam Ali bn Husain(AS) and the family entered Madina. Mourning was held in the house of Imam Husain(AS) by ladies of Madina.

So, one is either with Imam Husain(AS) or Yazid. None can excuse Yazid for his atrocities except those who are with him and agreed with his actions. That person is not with Imam Husain(AS).