Yaumul-Mub-ath Commemoration n Zaria 2015/1436

Today 15 May 2015, equivalent to 27th Rajab 1436 (Hijiriyya), members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria mark the day of Muba’ath (the day Allah sent Prophet Muhammad (S), at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah Sokoto Road Zaria, the event started late in the evening with several kind of poems of House hold of the Apostle of Allah and a vital explanation of the significant of the message and the true hint on how Angel Gibril reveal the message to the ummah .

Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) begins in His platform with the historical life of the Apostle of Allah before he was embraced with the Message sent from Allah, He also shared similar information on the birth of prophet Musa AS.

Sayyid Zakzaky (H) shed light on the genuineness (uncover the rock) of what the Apostle of Allah accomplished at the cave of Hiraaq. On the day of 27 Rajab when prophet Muhammad (SAWA), clocked 40 years old He was sent to the entire world and that is the reason why we are hear, after the message was revealed the Apostle of Allah (SAWA) ask Khadjatul Kubra to testify the unity of Allah and Muhammad as Allah’s messenger, even thought Sayyida Khadija was familiar with those words she accept them which made her the first person to accept Islam, then He informed His Father Abu-Talib SA the latest development on the message they have been expecting, He (SAWA) ask Ali bn Abu-Talib to called their relative, feed them and deliver the message and asked for successor within them but non- of them accept unless Ali AS.

Sayyid (H) conclude in wider context about the day of muba’ath  and hint on the spiritual work to offer after magribain obligation.