Yaumul Daar (based on Sayyid Zakzakys Speech on the 1st day of Sayyidah Zahra's Martyrdom Mouring)

Sayyid while explaining the event of martyrdom of Sayyidah Zahra (A.S.), says narrating the following:
 After martyrdom of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the enacted caliphates called the members of the household to come out and pay their allegiance to the so called caliphate of the prophet. While sending the message Imam Ali (AS) replied him “woe unto you by proposing falsehood to the holy prophet (SAW)”.A man called Qunfuze return with his message to those who sent him, Umar bn Khattab sent him (Qunfuze) with troops to forcefully bring them in order to pay allegiance to Abu-Bakr Bn Quhaf . He asked decision if Sayyidah Zahra denied them entry. He ordered them to beat her in case she prevents them from entering; some said “she is Fatima the daughter of the prophet!” He replied “so what”. Umar bn Khattab asked them to go, and made the promise of deploying troops if needed. At the arrival once stroke the door with his sword; they caused chaos in front of the house but thinking of Sayyidah (A.S.) beside the door preventing them from entering. Upon Umar bn Khattab’s arrival he pushed the door which Sayyidah (AS) was beside resulting to fractures in her rib cages which resulted to a miscarriage and she fainted. They pushed Ali (AS) and those with him out dragged them to pay allegiance to the caliphates. While pushing them out she stood from where she felled and fainted, in need to stop them from what they were up to. Umar ordered Qunfuze to beat her along with Mughirah bn Shu’ubah striking her with a tough rope she cried and yelled “oh God, This is what happened to the household of the prophet (PBUH) after his demise”