Yaumul-Arba'een Symbolic Trek Day 2

Labbaika Yaa Husain! is part of the slogans made by the members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria that are performing a Yaumul-Arba’een symbolic trek to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husain AS (the Grandson of the Apostle of Allah Taala), which kicked-off yesterday morning from Tudun Wada Kaduna to Birnin Yero along Zaria kaduna express way where the Muslim Brothers pass night and continued the journey this morning 11/12/2014 at around 8:00am.The Statistics crew gave the estimate of the attainders that includes, women, children, Christians, cripples and non-Shia Muslims as hundreds of thousands and yet expectation of the trekkers is tending a million because each and every villages and towns members join the movement. The awareness committee gave a vital contribution to people watching as they explain the calamity of karbala which make a lot of them sympathize with Imam Husain AS and the entire household of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).

Even though, the Nigerian Tyrants so called Nigeria Armies planned to attack the symbolic trek at Jaji Cantonment but Allah plan ahead of them.