Yaumul Arba`een Commemoration Of Imam Husain At Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria Nigeria + Pictures

Shia Muslims trekked hundreds of kilometers from different parts of Nigeria to the headquarters of the Islamic movement of Nigeria in the northern city of Zaria to commemorate the Arba’een.

The Arba’een commemorates 40th day since the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and seventy two of his loyal companions in Karbala around 14 centuries ago. Hundreds of thousands of Shia members have continued to come for the Arba’een from different parts of Nigeria and even some West African countries. The occasion reminds the faithful of the core message behind the martyrdom of Imam Hussein which is establishing justice and fighting injustice. Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky explains the sinister motive of Yazid and the Ummayyad dynasty. Multitudes of Shia Muslims have come to Zaria for this pilgrimage just like the Arba’een marked in Karbala in Iraq which is one of the largest pilgrimage gatherings in the world. The recreation of an inspiring speech delivered by Imam Hussein before his murder by the yazid army brought fresh grief to many members.