Women are not slave of men nor are they commodities to be exploited

Women are not slave of men nor are they commodities to be exploited:

“Islam considers man strong and woman delicate and elegant. This is neither an insult to women nor an insult to men; it is actually a proper view on their nature.” – Ayatollah Khamenei

Men & women are equal in #Islam but they are not similar and they compliment each other. It is wrong to try to force women to become “men” just because one wants to prove gender equality. And it is also wrong to consider a woman as a “commodity” whose features are delicate and elegant that can be bought and sold for commercials and advertisements.

The Wahhabi view of women oppress women and degrade their position, they fail to consider the prominent role that great Muslim women played at the advent of Islam. Women are not slave of men, they are independent entities that should be honored, respected and dignified.

Some of our local customs degrade women to the extent that some people think that the education of women is not important and a waste that will not benefit the society. This is one of the reasons why Muslims are among the most backward communities in the world. It is important to change such mindsets, this is not Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (sa) showed great love and respect to his first wife, Sayyida Khadija (as) to the extend that as long as she lived he never took another wife. She was one of the most richest women of Arabia yet she was committed and dedicated to her husband. When she died which also correspond to the death of his beloved Uncle, he christianed that year as “the year of suffering”. He lost two people who were the pillar of support for him.