The 25 the of July 2014 is a remarkable and historic date in the history of the Islamic movement in Nigeria. It was a day when people around the world engaged in mourning for humanity sake.
On the 25th July 2014, like all previous years, members of the Islamic in Nigeria participated in the annual Quds procession, to show a total support for the oppressed people of Palestine. Quds procession is a constant annual programme of the movement in existence for the past 30 years.
Unfortunately, as the peaceful protest was about to kick off, Nigeria army fully armed attacked the demonstration of defenceless people. They shot at everyone at sight without regards to age or gender. Children and women were maltreated and killed by men of the Nigeria army.
Part of the reason why 25th July became a remarkable antecedent is the number of people killed, and the day in which tragedy occurred (Quds day). These two key issues are what drew the attention of the international community on the atrocities committed.
On the historic day of 25th July 2014, three biological sons of sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky along other 34 members of the movement were massacred. The Sons killed are Ahmad,Hamid, and Mahmoud Zakzaky; Ahmad, and Hamid Zakzaky were arrested alive, taken to the Basawa barracks and later killed in a cold blood murder.
The 25th July massacre came with so many surprises, calamities and inhumanity that shaken all sympathetic minds around the world. The massacre will remain in the hearts of people, the unjustifiable killings of our brothers will never be forgotten, as the event would continue to expose the other side of Nigerian Army. As a matter of priority, a special date is been fixed to mark the annual international Quds conference ( first time in the history of the movement )
It is pertinent at this juncture to shade more lights on the current atrocities committed by Israel; they were launching deadly attacks on the people of Palestine, targeting males and females, Muslims, and Christian citizens. Our outcry is to show solidarity with oppressed people of Palestine, and a hearty condemnation of the inhumane act of the Jews.
Today we are matching to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the 25th July 2014 massacre. We beseech in the name of Almighty to elevate the position of our brothers killed. While peacefully commemorating the incident of 2014 massacre, we are using this medium to protest and issue our grievances over the continuous illegal detention of our leader, sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. He was attacked in December 2015 at his resident; Where he was shot together with his wife, an event which led to the cold blood murder of additional three of his sons.
Sheikh Zakzaky is under an illegal detention despite he is in a dire need of a professional doctor. One of his eyes has stopped functioning while fighting to survive with the remaining eye. We call on all concern citizens to participate in this Struggle for humanity sake.

Abul Fadl Foundation,
Zaria, Kaduna,
Kaduna state, Nigeria.
Imnig.org , harkarmusulunci.org