Why Muslims Must Unite - By Imam of Duala Mosque, Cameroun

Sheikh Musa Ladan, Chief Imam of Duala National Mosque in Cameroun, was among speakers at the
annual Maulud celebration organized by the
Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in
Nigeria which took place at the conference hall
of the Abuja National Mosque, Saturday.
Malam Musa Ladan pointed out that, for the
obvious fact that Muslims have one Qur’an and
recognized Prophet Muhammad (S) as the Seal
of all the prophets who came with the final
message of Islam, division among them is
therefore unnecessary.
The Islamic scholar who said he accepted
invitation to attend the Unity Week organized
by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under
Sheikh Zakzaky, expressed satisfaction with the
conduct of the programme, which he said has
expanded his horizon on the need for Muslim
According to him, if Islamic scholars can
emulate the footsteps of Sheikh Zakzaky, unity
of the Muslim Ummah can easily be achieved.
He however expressed hope that the rate at
who people are recognizing the unmatched
status of the Ahlul Bayt under the guidance of
Sheikh Zakzaky Muslims will eventually be
united. “Following the teachings of Ahlul Bayt
is the only way to genuine unity and eventual
salvation,” he stressed.
Malam Musa Ladan said, through propagating
the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt, Sheikh Zakzaky
succeeded in uniting Muslims despite their
ethnic and tribal inclination as did the Prophet
during his time. “I was amazed at the sea of
people that trek from distant places to attend
Arba’een of Imam Hussein (AS). I have never
seen this in my life! This can only be attributed
to true leadership and faithful followership on
the platform of genuine teaching of God
chosen personalities - the Ahlul Bayt”.
He also said, the miracles he witnessed during
the Unity Week, when the Arabic word of
“Hussain” was formed by clouds at the venue
of the event, Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah in
Zaria, and in other places was sufficient
testimony for any sound mind to surrender to
the teachings of Ahlul Bayt and their Imamate.
“I saw the writing with my own eye. I am
therefore a living witness”.
Malam Musa Ladan therefore called on
Muslims to come together under the umbrella
of the Prophet’s Pure Progeny (Ahlul Bayt)
saying that, “The concealed is now obvious, the
secret is manifested for those who geuinely
need salvation”.