Whatever happens to the peaceful 1438/2016 Arbaeen Symbolic Trekkers in Nigeria, Blame it on the Nigerian Government

For a very long time, the Nigerian Government and its masters have made several attemps to hinder the peaceful Arbaeen Symbolic trekking in Nigeria. Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) have been peacefully organizing the Arbaeen Symbolic trekking from 6 axis for the past years.

The Nigerian Government have tried to make the previous Arbaeen Symbolic trekking unsuccessful using different strategies. It can be recalled that, the Nigerian Government have tried to frame the so called Boko Haram after exploding a bomb amidst the Arbaeen Symbolic trekking from Kano during the 1437 AH Arbaeen Trekking in Nigeria.

This year also the Nigerian Government have planned to hinder the success of the Arbaeen Symbolic trekking or cause a massacre amidst it. They will sponsors a gang of hooligans to attack the Arbaeen symbolic trekking from all its axis. Trekkers from Kano axis will be attack in Kura, the Nigerian Army will appear to reconcile and will start shooting the Symbolic trekkers and from then a curfew will be announce in Kano and the Neighbouring States. They have specified some medias that will address the issue as a shia-sunnah conflict, so that no one will blame the Nigerian Government or Nigerian Army for the attack.
They tried using the plan during the 1438AH Ashura procession in some Nigerian cities that includes Kano, Kaduna, Funtua and Jos.

Put all your efforts, but you will never stop us from trekking for Imam Husain (AS).