What Does the Praise "Ya Hussain" Means? An Excerpt From Sheikh Zakzaky's Speeches :

According to him, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky described the slogan, "Ya Hussein" as a short form of "Labbaika Ya Hussein". He added that, "Labbaika ya Hussein is a response to Imam Hussein's call when he proclaimed in the plane of Karbala, "Hal min Nasirin Yan Suruna!? " This call follows after the extermination of lives of the entire Imam Hussein's companions along side his household. When it remains the only Imam (Hussein) surviving in the scorching plain of Karbala, and having known that, his martyrdom at the hands of these enemies of Islam is inevitable, he dare confronted these innumerable enemies for an all and out dual/war. The Imam had shown an epic of bravery, where he beat numerous enemies with his sword. At the meantime, the commander of the opposing troop, Umar Bin Sa'ad, rebuked at them by Saying, " Do you know who you are competing with? Actually this is Hussein (son of Ali and grandson of Muhammad, the Prophet). Wouldn't you know that he can conquered over(kill all of you) you by a dual? Could you storm on him and finish him?, "Ordered Umar Ibn Sa'ad". At this juncture, over thousands of these enemies raid on Imam Hussein with pebbles and striking arrows till Imam fall down from his horse. At the time when his strength was exhausted and having been kneeling down in bloody stain, he raised his head up by saying, "Hal min Nasirin Yansuruna!! ?" Meaning, "Is there a helper around to come for help!?" Alas, there could be neither a single individual or entity nor any among these enemies have pity on Imam. According to his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), the sound of Imam's call had echoed to the doom of the stable skies to the ears of the remaining survived faithfuls in the desert. This is what is been responded up till today with "Labbaika Ya Hussein". "Had we been present (created) as at that very time (era), we would have answered with "Labbaika Ya Hussein" and we would had been among the braved companions of Hussein". Said Sheikh Zakzaky. Part of his lectures during the 1437 Ashura Majalis at Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah.

Translated by Abdullahi Isah Wasagu