We Protest Campaign of Calumny and Blackmail by AIT and NTA

Our attention has been drawn to the malicious
and unprofessional reportage by the Africa
Independent Television (AIT) and Nigeria
Television Authority on its Network News, in
which it tried to link the recent peaceful rally by
the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in
Nigeria demanding justice over the Zaria Quds
Day gruesome killings, to the MOSSAD/CIA
covert terror cells- Boko Haram and ISIS.
We view the unfortunate report by the AIT and
NTA as a clear violation of journalism profession
and done with insidious intent. This is because,
the rally which took place at the premises of the
National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) was
widely reported as a civilized demand for justice
and highly commended as the most civilized in
the Federal Capital in recent time.
Rather than portray such a positive good
conduct, the AIT and NTA decide to equate it with
the uncivilized terrorist acts of some cannibals
that is nowhere close to the cardinal objective of
the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. We are forced to
believe that such action was a continuation of the
brutal killing of 34 members of the Islamic
Movement, including three biological children of
Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) by the Nigerian
soldiers, as well as the subsequent attempt to
portray the Islamic Movement as a terrorist
organization by the Nigerian military. If not, how
can a victim turn villain? Are AIT and NTA against
civilized and mature demand for justice? It
worthy of note that, the victims of the extra-
judicial killings in Zaria on July 25, 2014 were not
all Muslims. Among them was a 68-year-old
Christian gentleman, Chief Julius Anyanwu,
women and a 4 years old child. Just as we press
for justice over the killing of these innocent souls,
we cannot let this uncultured reportage by AIT
and NTA go without redress.
We therefore condemn the report and demand
unreserved apology and withdrawal by AIT and
NTA over the disgrace caused, or we shall take
every civilized action to seek redress against the
campaign of calumny and blackmail.
The long time initiated tragic killing of innocent
souls in Maiduguri, Yobe and several other states
in northern part of the country and Chibok
abduction seem to have opened the door for
international scramble for Nigeria and its
resources in the name of fighting insurgency.
Their imperial media mechanism showed the girls
covered in veils indicating that the Christians
among them were forcefully Islamized. This look
well scripted and everything is going according to
how they planned it. How could 276 young girls
have been abducted at once and be transported
over 100 kilometers in a state where emergency
rule is supposedly in-force at that time? The
claim by the Amnesty International about the
authorities having advanced warning and failing
to foil the attack requires more than mere denials,
it calls for a full scale investigation. Frankly
speaking, the government is not sincere in its
campaign of confronting the problem on the issue
of insecurity; no sensible person will ever trust
Nigerian government because they did not do
anything to deserve the trust. Government
complicity in the insecurity problem is now an
open secret; many people have seen helicopters
supplying some gun-men food and ammunition in
the wild. Where did the so-called “Boko-Haram”
get the wherewithal obtain and use helicopters.
Moreover, there are widely circulated videos of
this so- called “Boko- Haram” leaders posing
beside armoured vehicles and proudly taking
responsibilities for the atrocities in different areas
in the country. Where do the helicopters and
armoured vehicles came from? What of the audio
clip now in circulation which depicts a soldier
claiming to have seen his military instructors
among insurgents? This leaves us with no option
but to hypothesize that the insecurity is a false-
flag aimed at preparing ground for foreign
The most unfortunate and disheartening of all is
that AIT and NTA, rather than focusing on the
state-sponsored terrorism as mirror of the
society, they also busied themselves with the
conspiracy of linking terrorism and terrorist acts
to Islam.
It is not a new thing seeing some people in
military uniform in video clips taking
responsibilities for murders, pillage, arson, kidnap
and rape, and yet shamelessly lie that their
actions are Islamic. Undoubtedly, their shameless
acts are sponsored to link Islam with terrorism.
Meanwhile government inability to face these
atrocities, squarely, despite controlling a large
army and others security units is enough to
establish complicity. Ever since the emergence of
this administration, it has never hidden its
romance with the illegitimate state of Israel. As
the Zionists slaughter innocent civilians in Gaza,
Nigerian security forces re-structured by the
Zionists under the present government are doing
similar crime to millions of our citizens under the
pretext of “ Boko-Haram”.
Silence on these official terrorism by the media,
AIT and NTA in particular, is throwing ethics to
the pigs and becoming official organ of the state
in the current terrorism run and sponsored by the
Nigerian government.
S.I Ahmad
Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in
January 30, 2015