A Wake Up Call to Seun and his Team on the Zaria Massacre

By AbdulHussein Khadimul Qa'eem

Seun, the owner of Nairaland, was warned, threatened and intimidated by Sunni terrorists in Nigeria. He was threatened by a silly, empty and useless Sunni fatwa and Seun rushed to open the so called Islam section on Nairaland to appease the Sunnists who were complaining about "unfair treatment" on the Religion section shared by the rest of the faiths.

After the Zaria Massacre, Nairaland unfortunately happens to tow the line of the unethical and in humane media outlets in Nigeria whose worth is a kobo! They cheerfully refer to the Massacre of innocent Nigerians in Zaria as a "clash" between Shiites and the terrorist Nigerian Army. Far from being a clash, the Zaria Massacre was attacks, several attacks, beyond imagination and brutality. There is no way a roadblock or even a protest can warrant the terrorist Army of coward who are best at oppressing civilians, to send its terrorists into civilian homes and a place of worship and to a cemetery to shoot at sight innocent Nigerians. Then people were burnt alive, buried alive, killed in cold blood, stabbed and others abducted. It is a terrorist massacre operated in the method of Wahhabi Boko Haram.

Civil disobedience can never warrant military action by an army supposedly meant to protect its own people. It is only in the mind of silly people that a clash will result in the killings of over 1000 innocent people from one party while the attacking party bore no injury. Even El-Rufai is smart enough to fabricate a dead soldier and accuse the IMN members of killing him and asked the court in Kaduna for the death penalty to be applied. On investigation, the concerned soldier was not killed in Zaria, but died of natural causes weeks after the Zaria Massacre. These are the bundle of thieves, terrorists, and shameless liars ruling Nigerians. They kill their own people and find fairytales and incriminating stories to justify their crimes.

Then furthermore, Nairaland has been one of the media outlets airing the propaganda of the Tyrant Buhari led terrorist government to justify the Zaria massacre. From the first lie and silly interpretation of event that the Chief Terrorist of Army Staff, Buratai, escaped an assassination attempt by Shiites, to subsequent stories that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria had a militia (scouts found in many Sunni mosques and churches across Nigeria who have their clownish uniforms), to the claim that the IMN had weapons (weapons we never saw), and of course the favorite cliche that the Shiites were a "state within a state" who disturbed Zaria residents. A state within a state that has no army, no currency, no weapons, and many no, no and no's! But the question remains, if the Shiites used to block roads, obstruct the passage of high ranking government officials and even make their neighbor's intimidated by their numbers and show of power in congregating, do these warrant the indiscriminate killings of innocent people in their place of worship, in their houses, in a cemetery and elsewhere far away from the location of a roadblock incident? The same Zaria residents being peddled as victims, were these not the criminals shown on video stealing from the corpses of the innocent Shiites massacred by Tyrant Buhari and Chief Terrorist Buratai's army? When has civil disobedience warranted military killings? The excuses and all the excuses put up against the IMN do not justify the indiscriminate killings and heavy handed atrocities and terrorism perpetrated by the Nigerian Army.

Coming back to Seun, there have been threads on Nairaland with factual reporting that do not make the Front Page because they expose the terrorism of the Nigerian Army in Zaria. This forum has been biased against the oppressed. Several news outlets reported two days ago that the Nigerian Army is seeking to exhume bodies from the mass grave at Mando, in Kaduna State and burn the bodies to hide their atrocity exposed by the Kaduna State government. Both Seun and his moderator with the unserious name on the political forum were copied in order for the thread to be taken to the Front Page. But they turned a blind eye. It's the same case for several other threads.

My message to Seun is simple:

"There are some situations one simply cannot be neutral about, because when you are neutral you are an accomplice. Objectivity doesn't mean treating all sides equally. It means giving each side a hearing." -Christina Amanpour

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.- Bishop Desmond Tutu

So our dear Seun, if the Tyrant Buhari led administration has intimidated you to follow a line of narrative on the Zaria Massacre please come out and tell us. The people are behind you. Shia do not have a death fatwa on you. We simply want you to be human. As the saying of Imam Ali (as) goes: "man is either your brother in religion or your equal in humanity". Where is your humanity? Otherwise, you are behaving like the corrupt opportunists in the Buhari led terrorist government, starting with the so called pastor and the mere commissioner who always appears frightened when pictured alongside the tyrant. The VP and all the ministers in the Buhari government are accomplices when it comes to the Zaria Massacre. If they have any feel of humanity in their hearts, they will resign. Of course, government officials never resign in Nigeria. How can an elderly man (Zakzaky) and his wife, shot severally and brutalized by terror soldiers, and whose six sons have been killed execution style continue to remain in the custody of Tyrant Buhari while you sleep in your homes with your own wives and children? Have you no conscience? Are your hearts as hard as that of the Tyrant himself?

This is a call for everyone to be fair. The Tyrant Buhari and his Chief Terrorist of Army Staff will have their fair share of torment and punishment, in this world or in the hereafter or in both. They will not have peace in life, in the grave or at resurrection. We pray they are served justice at The Hague before they get served hot fire in hell fire. There is no way Terrorist Buratai will perpetrate such terrorism in Zaria without the green-light of the Tyrant and the knowledge of the midget of Kaduna, el-Rufai. The Tyrant should absolve his name or be held accountable by the international community. The international community should hold Buratai accountable and declare the Nigerian Army a terrorist organization until it stops killing innocent and unarmed civilians. Only a terrorist organization will kill over one thousand of its own people in the most inhumane and gruesome ways. Even the Kaduna State officials are getting scared at the scale of the calamity. The Kaduna State representative came out at the Judicial Council of Inquiry to confess that 347 Nigerians were buried in a mass grave at Mando. The terrorist army is still denying the confession, seeking to exhume and burn the bodies and point finger at the Kaduna State government accusing it of perpetrating the killings as the army handed people over to the state government and only "few" corpses. Buratai claimed at the NHRC that only seven were killed. The terrorist army has refused to release an official figure killed.

Finally, the message to Tyrant Buhari is that justice will be served. You can twist your mouth all you like to lie and deceive people as you have always done as a power thirty tyrant you were. A reminder to you is the case of Saddam. Saddam was hanged on Eid al Adha like a sacrificial lamb because he was found guilty of killing innocent villagers in the Iraqi Shiite village of Dujail. Few residents of that Iraqi village had attempted to assassinate the Iraqi Sunni tyrant, yet his reaction of indiscriminate killings led him to be hanged. Instead of holding the perpetrators responsible, the Iraqi tyrant wanted to prove tough like Tyrant Buhari is fond of portraying his fickle self and thereby killed indiscriminately. Be weary General Buhari! You whoredom to the Americans cannot be more than Saddam did. You cannot be loved by the western nations more than Sunni Arab dictators who were eventually disgraced by the same western nations or at the watchful eyes of western nations out of office. When the western countries have no use for your nomadic whoredom always bending down at the doors of their capitals, you will be abandoned to your fate. The western nations will get their interests and leave you to face justice for your crimes against humanity. Your end is in disgrace and humiliation. You will face justice Mr. Tyrant!

To Mr. Seun, fear God and be fair and stand for the oppressed and persecuted.

Note: the above article was posted twice by two different members and deleted twice by the moderators as the below links show. And a quick Google search with the article's title will also demonstrate the article was posted twice and then deleted twice by moderators.