Series of events occurred towards the end of the twentieth Century that at the time seemed innocuous and perhaps unrelated as independent historical features, now with a better hindsight of the floodgates of the never ending terrorism bedeviling the World and as a wider adjunct our societies, they now appear more in context as interrelated occurrences. The first of these was the Iranian Revolution which ushered in a Shi’a inspired Government that rankled and sacked the Anglo-American shackles of Colonial enslavement of Resources in that Country, a system of Western imperialism still firmly entrenched today in the Mid-East and beyond. The second, benignly more related to global terrorism and the bedrock of our discussion partly took place on our shore as part of a wide scale plan was the importation of the Wahhabi-Izala religious Movement, which was a frenzied counter-reaction by Al Saud Monarchs to checkmate the spread of the Iranian modeled Revolution, the importation of this rabid ideology came with a bouquet of strange philosophies that includes a morbid intolerance to anything outside of its loony, fringe concept of what Islam ought to be. For every Wahhabi[follower of wahhabism], everyone that does not proclaim their creed is an infidel, therefore his life, property and family are legitimate targets of pillage and plunder. The late Mahmud Gummi, was one of the earliest founding fathers, part of the retinue of this fringe sect was to undermine and scupper the largely traditional orthodox Darika sect which held sway. The modus operandi embarked by them was to massively engage in the opening of Islamiyya Schools and Mosques, which was an easy task as a result of the huge largesse of petrodollars routinely pumped to the sect and which continues till date. Dislodging the traditional Darika was not going to be a walk in the park,[especially since most if not all of them professing this new creed were born and bred in the old traditional orthodoxy]in order to have a foothold, the sect isolated young gullible members to challenge the doctrinal basis of some of the traditional practices like the use of amulets and Quranic texts for protection et cetera, This phony revivalism rapidly gained acceptance providing the impetus for their rallies in most Northern States, this boldness led to routine skirmishes with authorities, and other groups that resisted the brash and mostly drab ideology. The onflow of petrodollars however ensured that they were not short of cash to curry favors within and without, and this lead to the establishment of more centers of propagation, The height of the sect’s ascendance, ultimately led to the seeding of bitter animosity within the various segment of the Northern Society, for example, the vile acrimony and reactions of our Christian brethren was a direct consequence of Wahhabi intolerance as a result of malicious attacks by the so called Scholars of this sect. This particular current of violence unleashed by Wahhabism is visibly present in all societies that is unfortunate enough to host them, the horrendous and barbaric slaughter and terrorist bombings that routinely happen in Iraq or the West bears a direct corollary to the beliefs. Although Nigeria is beset by Wahhabi terrorism in the guise of Boko Haram, our leaders inexplicably seem to cozy with their sponsors as we are bombarded with pictures of them visiting Government Houses and in closed sessions or at lush Arabian palaces lured into sinister alliances, like was witnessed when the President announced our nation’s alliance with Saudi Arabia. Perhaps more insidious is the fact that Wahhabism has endeared itself from a fringe Najd ideology, which the Noble Prophet Muhammad[SAW] warned us about through ahadith, and which without any circumspection runs unto the bloodstream of orthodox Muslim identity and teachings, and foisting an identity crises for muslims is worrying. That some muslims gullibly and ignorantly now partake in Wahhabi deviance, and have found a backdoor channel to our nation’s leaders through foreign influence that is already ongoing with the Wahhabi –Saudi Arabia led Confab in the Federal Capital just months ago, which all comes at the footfall of the massacre of almost a thousand shia muslims of the minority sect, credence is now given that the onslaught itself was nurtured and motivated through Saudi Arabia’s instigation, as an unfolding phase of the Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy wars. Most importantly, leaders and citizens of our dear nation must come to identify wahhabism as it is; a form of pseudo-islam that hinges upon a dry, literalist interpretation of islamic texts. It exists as a result of a willful ignorance and or absence in the knowledge of the sublime spirituality imbedded esoterically in the limitless ocean of the Essence wherein only the gnostic can reach...deprivation of Divine Gnosis in wahhabism has led to the establishment of a rigorist and meaningless sub-sect, that is constantly against people and also against itself. Dry adherence to the exoteric interpretations has ultimately transformed wahhabism into every sane muslim's enemy number one. The continuing endless supply of petrodollars is wastefully spent in establishing madrassas that teach hate and are not for the dissemination of genuine islam, this strand of harmful cancer is daily bringing islam and muslims into disrepute globally. The recent carnage and killings of Shia Muslims in Kaduna State, chiefly inspired by Bala Lau and other minions is rather symbolic, and necessitate that the DSS and Security agents must daily monitor the hate speech with the intent of prosecuting them. Islam as a religion of peace has been transmuted into a puerility uniquely anti-modern and antihuman by Wahhabism. Thankfully, the world is awakening to the reality and understanding the heterodoxy of wahhabism, as we recall recently Sunni ulema and rightfully too, identified that salafism/wahhabism do not belong to the Sunni school of thought. Lastly, I will urge patriotic citizens, civil society groups, Christian/Muslim Organizations to weigh in and callout the bigoted hate mongers and their speeches, but overall, the larger responsibility falls on the Government which must at all times be impartial and vigilant to the domestication of international crises, Northern Governors and the elite must resist the creeping extremism that is threatening to tear the fabric of our togetherness. Isah Muhammad, esq.