Last year during Arba'een
symbolic trek we were targeted by a (so called Boko haram) suicide bomber, who killed dozens of brothers and sisters. Some moments after the attack, the invisible Abubakar Shekau claims the responsibility of the killings.

ZARIA MASSACRE: During his presidential media chat, when one journalist asked him why he remains silent about the Zaria massacre in which his soldiers killed more than 1000 unarmed and peaceful civilians? the visible Abubakar
Shekau replied "Zis is a military affairs, I will not commend on zis until when I see ze report of ze committee set by ze Kaduna State governor. I was shocked when I saw civilian hitting chest of army general. We will not tolerate establishment of government wizin a Government".

THIS YEAR'S KANO SYMBOLIC TREK ATTACK: In this year's attacks on Arba'een Symbolic trek in Kano State which resulted the martyrdom of about 100 of our brothers and sisters including children of below 2 years, the visible Abubakar Shekau of Abuja refuses to appear and said anything, he did not order the invisible Abubakar Shekau of Sambisa to claim the responsibility, rather, he ordered his Albarnawi, who says that "we saw Shiites stoning motorist passing along the highway, and when we tried to stop them
from doing that, they attacked us with catapults, bow and arrows as well as the machetes and they killed one of our officer, and that was why we retaliated. We killed only 8 people ".
Let both visible and the invisible Abubakar Shekau know that they can never make us fools. Let them know that today they are the rulers but tomorrow the will never be. Today they are alive, tomorrow they will be no more. Let them both know that one day, they must stand before Allah for His justice over the blood of IMN members they have shaded.

Nasiru Hassan