The attack of Nigerian army at Husainiyya Baqiyatullah before the coming of Chief of Army Staff

It came to our notice that the Nigerian Army present a video thinking that it can fetch some support from the audience.
The video shows some Brothers shouting takbeers while confronting the Army, that video didn't show the beginning of the incident, So as in ours. Because at the beginning of, the Soldiers positioned them selves direct opposite to Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah near the NNPC Mega station as some pictures aired shows.

Some of the brothers intended to ask them about the reason for that but instead of answering, they open fire against them, there by killing some and left scores injured. Having heard the gun shots, the brothers that were sitting at Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah and Waiting for the time of the flag hoisting came out and start saying some takbeers, Some of them are holding some sticks and cutlasses to defend them selves. That is when the Military retreated for some meters. After taking the body of those shot at a point.

Thereafter, the convoy of the chief of Army staff came to pass, with the awareness of the military trick use to deceive brothers In their Quds 2014 Massacre at that same venue (It was known at the past incident that they come to the Hussainiyya and positioned, when asked about there presence, they requested a way to pass, at their movement they get a space to shoot a scores) So, as the military convoy came claiming that they want to pass as u can see in the video, the brothers cannot truth them anymore so they restrained from their order for their safety.

The video they present was made deliberate to catch a brain. As it was made by an Army who also shoot after the coverage.