School Children in Kano Demand unconditional release of Sheikh Zakzaky.

School Children in Kano summitted a Complaint to National Human Rights Commission, on 9/02/2016. The Complaint was handed to the Representative of the Commission in Person in the Premises of the Commission at Gyadi-Gyadi Quarters.

The Complaint was in a Booklet containing ten Pages of Lists and Photographs of Missing Members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria and those that were Killed by the Nigerian Army and Some that were Detained in Various Prisons across the Nation without any legal charges.

They also Demand Immediate and unconditional release of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his wife Malama Zeenatuddeen and his Followers for Medical Treatment and the release of the Bodies of those Killed and withheld by the Army for Burial rites.

They were welcomes by the Reprisantatives of the Commission who collected the Complaint and Promised them that they will do their best to see that their rights were not trample upon and the Culprits will face the Law of the Land, and stated that a committe were already set up in Abuja to Investigate the case and take appropriate actions.

Then the Children display some banners which portrays Images of Army Terrorism in Zaria which the drew the attention of Personnels of the Commission.

Analysis on Nigeria Massacre | Shaykh Hamza Sodagar

After the deadly massacre of the members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria and illegal abduction of Shaikh Zakzaky committed by the Zionist-friendly military of Nigeria, an uproar from across the globe has been seen in the form of protests by the justice seekers. Shaykh Hamza Sodagar, a senior Islamic scholar gave this detailed analysis on the issue in order to shed light on the plight of believers and our responsibilities