US planning more aggression against Syria: Analyst

A recent move by the US to start evaluating new “options” regarding Syria signals a potential shift in US policy vis-à-vis the Arab country toward “more aggression,” a political analyst tells Press TV.

In a Saturday interview, Ken Stone, from the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, expressed concern over Washington’s consideration of new options on Syria as an indication that the US is “moving away from a possible diplomatic solution to which the entire world is looking forward to towards more armed struggle, more aggression against the Syrian government.”

Stone noted that such a potential shift in US policy would encourage the foreign-backed militants in Syria to refuse to be involved in peace negotiations and “rather … continue their covert war of aggression, which is being financed by the Arab monarchies and by the governments in the West against the legitimate government of Syria.”

On Friday, US Secretary of State John Kerry said President Barack Obama has asked his aides to rethink options on the situation in Syria.

Kerry added that the evaluation of potential options is occurring “by necessity” at this time and new options will be presented to the US president when he calls for them.

A second round of negotiations between the Syrian government and the foreign-backed opposition hit a deadlock in the Swiss city of Geneva due to sharp differences between the two sides.

The Syrian delegation says fighting terrorism should be the top priority; but, the opposition insists that the formation of a transitional government and the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad must come first.