Urgent Alert: Sheikh Zakzaky's Health is Deteriorating

By Mujahid M. Ndanusa

I want to register my displeasure towards the way and manner Buhari's government is handling the deteriorating health status of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

For the past week, the remaining eye of Sheikh Zakzaky is deteriorating due to the lack of proper medical attention. The Sheikh is denied proper medication, proper diagnosis of the remaining eye.

He was only left with quack medical practitioners.  If we could remember, Sheikh Zakzaky's eye was horribly shot by men of the Nigerian army during the disastrous Zaria Massacre of December 2015. All these series of injustice and atrocities  committed against the Sheikh was done without any justification.

His children were massacred, his wife was fatally shot. He was also brutally shot in dangerous spots.  He was later whisked away, and detained by the DSS. The so called DSS  and the Nigerian government were not ready to consider the deteriorating  health status of a father, who witnessed the killings of his sons before his eyes.  Do we think, our silence would yield any positive outcome.

If it is Sheikh Zakzaky today, they will be coming to us someday.  For humanity sake, let's stand for Sheikh Zakzaky, our voices are of help at this juncture. We should do it in order to save a life.