Untold truths on the birth of Imam Ali (AS) - By Sheikh Zakzaky

During the birthday commemoration of Ammerul
Mu’mineen, Ali Bin Abi talib (AS) at the
Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria, Nigeria,
Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His
Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), read
out and discussed the rarely discussed traditions
regarding the miraculous and unprecedented
birth of Imam Ali Bin Talib (AS). Below is an
His Miraculous Birth
Imam Ali (AS) was born on Friday, 13 th Rajab, 23-25
before Hijrah, when the Holy Prophet was 28 -30
years. This was thirty years in the Year of Elephant,
thirty years after the birth of the Holy Prophet. His
miraculous birth had left a lad mark to this day. He
was born inside the Holy Qa’abah. This is one of his
exclusive and unrivalled divine status.
Three nights inside the House of Allah
Maryam, mother of Prophet Isa (AS) was ordered by
Allah to move out of the mosque when pain of labour
came to her, and Prophet Isa (AS) was born out of
the mosque. According to many traditions related by
Yazidi Bin Qa’anam, who was sitting close to the
Qa’abah together with Abbas Bin AbdulMutalib and
other people from Abdul Uzza, Fatimahh Bint Asad,
mother of Imam Ali (AS), was circumambulating
around the Qa’abah when labour came to her. She
said: “O Allah, I believe in You and whatever that
was revealed to Prophets and divine Books; I also
believe in the words of my grandfather Ibraheem Al-
Khaleel, it is he who built the House of Refuge. By
he who built this House and what lies in my womb, I
ask You to make my labour easier”. According to
the narrator, the Qa’abah immediately cracked and
opened up from behind, Fatimah Bint Asad, entered
inside out of their sight, while cracked wall closed
back to normal. He said, they went to the front door
to open it, but could not open. He said, they gave up
knowing that it was an act of Allah. Fatimahh Bint
Asad came out of the Qa’abah after three days with
a new born baby, Ameerul Mu’mineen. The cracked
wall on the Qa’abah at the Ruknil Yamani still exist
today, you can see it. She then said: “I am favored
above women preceding me. Asiya Bint Mazahim
(wife of Fir’aun) secretly worshipped Allah in a
place unworthty of worship (in the house of Fir’aun
where idols were worshipped); Maryam Bint Imran,
mother of Prophet Isa (AS) tapped the root of a dead
palm tree with her hand, and ate fresh dates from it;
and I entered the House of Allah and ate fruits from
Jannah (Paradise)! As I was about to step out, I
heard a voice saying, ‘O, Fatimah, name him Ali, for
he has been elevated. Allah the Most Elevated said:
‘His name is derived and carved from my name; I
have trained him with my training; I have endowed
him with my hidden secret knowledge; He will break
and destroy idols on my House; and he will proclaim
the call to prayers on top of it; He will glorify my
name, bless he who pledges allegiance to him; Woe
unto he who disputes and disobeys him; “
A s Fatiah Bint Asad stepped out of the Qa’abah, she
saw many people glaring at her and the baby in
amazement. They had been waiting all these days
outside to see her exit. The baby kept his eyes shut
from people, until she presented him before the
Holy Prophet, who was then 30 years old, yet to
receive revelation from Allah. As the Holy Prophet
took him, he opened his eyes. The first thing Imam
Ali (AS) saw in his life was the face of the Holy
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