Unreserved allegiance to the path of Imam Khomeini and Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky necessary for success of Islamic struggle – Malama Zeenah

By Shu’aibu Isa Ahmad
Wife of Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Malama Zeenah Ibrahim closes this year’s annual Imam Khomeini Week organized by the Academic Forum of the Movement with a call for unreserved and undiluted allegiance to the path of Imam Khomeini and inherited by His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in our time.

Malama Zeenah who ably represented Shaikh Zakzaky at the occasion said, the path of Imam Khomeini (QS) is the path of Rasulullah (S), which is carried over by Shaikh Zakzaky in the present time.

She reminded Muslims to always remember and appreciate the fact that they have a clean and perfect leadership in the personality of the Imam, which she urged Muslims to emulate in order to stand firm on their feet and be governed by the laws of Allah.

She also stressed that, the call of Shaikh Zakzaky is a replica of the call of Imam Khomeini in the present time, as such his true followers must challenge enemies of Allah and agents of oppression as did the Imam and his followers.

Malama Zeenah gave many references and instances on the struggle and sacrifice of Imam Khomeini, his strict devotion to Allah and inner self purification, adding that Imam Khomeini brought back Islamic heritage that was lost.

He therefore advised Brothers and Sister in the struggle to purify their relationship with their Creator as a foundation for success.

She concluded by thanking Allah for mercy in raising Imam Khomeini among the Ummah, and his teachings carried forward by Shaikh Zakzaky. “Hundred percent allegiance to Shaikh Zakzaky is necessary for a better life in this world and hereafter”, she added.

At the end of the speech, Chairman of the Academic Forum, Shu’aibu Isa Ahmad, presented Malama Zeenah with the award of Mother of the Century, being the only mother in the century who has her 3 of her sons on the same day in the course of struggle on the path of Allah.

It would be recalled that, on July 24, 2014, Nigerian military shot dead 34 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, 3 of them sons of Malama Zeenah and Shaikh Zakzaky, during Quds Day procession in Zaria.

Another award was presented to Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in honour of late Imam Khomeini (QS).

Other recipients of awards were members of the Forum who excelled in poetry and painting competition.