Unity Week Ended With Sheikh Misbah speach on: Role of Sufi Orders in Unity of the Ummah

Durinng the closing programme of Unity Week in Kano, Sheikh Misbah Yusuf of the Qadiriyyah Order  spoke on the role of the adherents of Sufi orders towards unity of the Ummah.

The Sheikh said differences in understanding should not be the sources of disputes and disunity while highlihting on the wisdoms behind it.

He warned against promoting things that can only create disunity instead of fostering unity of the Ummah. He also spoke on the role played by Islamic Scholars such as Sheikh Sidi Abdulkadir Jilani towards the unity of Mulsims as well as the role played by Shiekh Uthman Danfodio. In conclusion he thanked the leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky for organising unity week programmes nationwide.

The Chief host, Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi thanked the speaker for his contribution.