Unity Week 2016 Held in Kano With Sunni Scholar (Pictures)

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria Kano Chapter has organized a Unity Week on 12/12/2016-12/Rabiu Auwal, 1438 at Markaz Kofar Waika kano.

The unity Week normal take place in the Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah Zaria which was demolished by Nigerian Army after the Zaria massacre last year.

Therefore, the Organizers Share days for Husainiyyah Unity Week among the various IMN centres across the Nation.

In Kano a Sunni Scholar from Kadiriyya Sufi Sect was invited. He delivered his Lecture on the Importance of unity among Muslim but a real and comprehensive unity cannot be achieved unless everyone respect the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and Household above every Sahaba.

He they said some Muslims uphold the status of some of the People who spend their fighting the holy Prophet he cite example of Abu Sufyan who Fought the Prophet in Badar, Uhud and in the Khaibar and despises the People who spend their life in Protecting and attending the needs of the prophet like Abu Talib, Sayyida Aminatu and Abdullah. Who used their hands and Mouth and their properties to Protect him. He Sing some Poems of Abu Talib and his Mother Amina proclaiming that his religion is better than any Religion in the World and it would overcome any Religion the World. After the lecture Dr Sanusi Abdulkadir the Host of the occasion offered him a present to strenthening the Bond of Brotherhood. A closing Prayer was delivered by Shaikh Abdulkadir Koki

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad, Kano