Ummul Baneen: Mother of Her Sons

The seerat and character
of the mother of Abu Al-Fazal Al-Abbas (AS), Hazrat
Ummul Baneen (S.A.) is a beacon of light for women at large,
On the occasion of sad demise of respected mother of Hussaini standard-bearer Hazrat Abu Al-Fazal Al Abbas (A.S.), Hazrat Ummul Baneen (S.A.) that is being observed on Jamadi-us-Sani 13, Hazrat Ummul Baneen (S.A.) is that great a woman who wrote down an exemplary history of sacrifice by present her four
sons for martyrdom in Karbala.
even today, oppressed and Muslim women
were not hesitating in sacrificing their sons in
Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq by
following in the footsteps of Mukhadderaat-e-Iffat.
today Islamic World was the target of colonial powers and even womenfolk were not
spared of their oppression and brutality, and they
also use heinous tactics to defame woman the day
in and day out.The seerat of holy and pious
personalities were thwarting the conspiracy of the
colonial powers on every stage but they were using
all out energies to annoy the world from Islam.
Hazrat Ummul Baneen (S.A.)
was exemplary woman having the honour of being
aware of the dignity and respect of the family of
Muhammad and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.), the real
name of Ummul Baneen (S.A.) was Fatima binte
Hezaam, there was no big brave a person but
amongst her forefathers. That is why, he said, a
great Arab poet “Labeed” had said that we are the
offspring of the mother having four sons who confer
death on their enemy in the war, and giving respect
and entertaining guests is our habit.
Talking about the patience and forbearance of
Hazrat Ummul Baneen (S.A.), he said when she
was told that all her four sons have been martyred
in Karbala, she said, “My four sons were the pieces
of my heart that I have sacrificed on Hussain (A.S.)
”. She had the desire that whether all her sons kiss
martyrdom but no harm should have been caused
to Hussain (A.S.), and the same true spirit is a clear
proof of her Iman, love and true to her belief.

The First Elegy Recitor of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a.s.)
After the arrival of Imam Sajjad (a.s.) and Hazrat
Zainab (s.a.) in Madinah
Hadrat Ummul Baneen used to gather women in her
house and used to narrate
them how Imam Husain (a.s.) and his companions
were martyred by Yazidi forces.
Hadrat Ummul Baneen was a great poet and she is
considered as the first Noha
(lamentation poetry) reciter for the martyrdom of
Imam Husain(a.s.).She used to visit regularly the famous Jannat al-Baqi cemetery in Madinah and recite her Nohas in a very sad voice that everybody
present there used to weep bitterly.
She transformed the Jannat al-Baqi cemetery in
Madinah as "the Centre of Azadari of Imam Husain (a.s.)". The Nohas recited by Hadrat Ummul Baneen for the martyrdom of Imam Husian(a.s.) are recorded in history and are considered as masterpieces in Arabic literature.
It is recorded in historical accounts that Hazrat
Ummul Baneen died on 13th Jamadi us-Sani 64 A.H. and was buried in the Jannat al-Baqi cemetery in the
holy city of Madinah.