Tribute to Shaheed Ukasha Idris Bauchi.

By Mansur Usman

Shaheed Ukasha Idris Ibrahim 27, his the member of Mu'assatu Abul Fadl Abbas, school Teacer in Fudiyya and shahid Ukash he is the chairman of youth forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Bauchi chapter was honour to the rank of martyrdom through genocide  by Nigeria army in Darur Rahama  on 13th December2015 along with other brothers.

Before his martyrdom, he engaged in youth awakening in the area of moral virtues, total submission and enrolment in protection of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (h). it is on the above, youth of the Islamic movement in Bauchi zone and across begin to come up with to determined the task ahead.

Obviously, some of his achievement that one can never forgotten include organizing seminar in which various field of study been thought to youth, regular fasting in selected days of the week mainly for seek of Allah's protection to the revered leader of Islamic Movement Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

Towards his martyrdom, he was able to generate a bridge of ideological stand between the youth of the Islamic movement and that of Christians on the basis of humanity. upon his, I personally received many sympathy and concern messages from the Sunni members, Darika sec and non Muslim youth expressing their feelings on the lost of this great youth man.

Shaheed Ukasha Idris is ascribed as eccentric youth man, very imaginative particularly in the area of youth awakening.

On behalf of myself and entire youth forum of the Islamic Movement under the leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (h). we may Allah accept his martyrdom and make paradise to be his final abode. 

Below are some pictures before his martyr.