Tribute to Lady Fatima Zahra a.s: The World most Outstanding Lady

On 13th of Jimada Ula of every year is the day which the entire followers of Ahlul Baith across the globe will never forget it as the day of commemorating the Passing away of Sayyida Fatima Zahra S.A the daughter of our great Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H due to injury inflicted upon her, through force of falling door by a hypocrite 11 years, after Hijra. The daughter of the Prophet (s), a role model for men and women. The aim of this article is to create admiration for her uncompromising protest and stance, and sympathy for the injustice she suffered. When Hazrat Fatima's (S.A.) birth was to take place, the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) told Khatija (S.A.) "Jabriel has given me the good news that this child which is going to be born is a daughter and all the infallible Imams will be from her generation" She was named by Allah (SWT), as Az-Zahra because her Holy Light used to shine among those brighter in all The Heavens. Batool: Because of her absolute Purity attained from Paradise from The Heavens. And also because, The Lady Fatimah Al- Zahra, not like all the other women in the world, she had been blessed of not having the monthly menstrual period. This purity of hers was created by Allah The Almighty with the Purity of the Heavenly food and water her Holy Father had received, when he was alone on the mountain top indulging himself in prayer in the worship of God, for forty days and nights. Siddiqah: The Honest, The Righteous Al- Mubarakah: The Blessed One Al-Tahirah: The Virtuous, The Pure Al-Zakiyah: The Chaste, The Unblemished Al-Radhiatul Mardhiah: She who is gratified and who shall be satisfied Al-Muhaddathah: A person other than a Prophet, that the angel's speak too Al-Zahirah. For more on this article click on this link