Thousands escourted the freed brothers to sokoto

Thousands of Muslim brothers and sisters from different parts of Nigeria have flood into Sokoto on Sunday 6th October 2013 to escort the freed members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria to their various destinations in the state capital, since the early hours of the day until the down the troop did not cut even for a minute. Residents of the villages and towns that live near the roads that link the state capital with the other states have come out in mass to commemorate with the members of the movement over the release of their brothers; they express their unhidden happiness and show their support to the Islamic movement. The resident of Sokoto also show their happiness when they welcome their brothers back from the long period they took in the prison. Some few violators have attacked some of the Muslim brothers near the sultan of Sokoto’s palace and some few streets in the area which resulted to the martyrdom of three brothers and several of injured brothers and sisters. In his speech Malam Qasimu Umar Sokoto who is one of the freed members of the movement and also the representative of members of Islamic Movement in Sokoto state says they will never surrender in this movement, they have come back and will continue their attitude of guiding people to the ideal teachings of Islam, he also close the gathering with prayer by 7.00pm at the well-known Sokoto polo ground. And from then the Muslim brothers move to their various states.