The goal of the Israelis is to contain the Palestinian Resistance or the Palestinian Revolution and that goal is the goal of the World Order regarding revolutionary movements in general , The world Order ‘ s first goal is to contain and then absorb and recycle any revolution before resorting to other methods . The first goal is to contain . For example, before deciding to kill Guevara, the world over offered so many deals with him. When Guevara turned down all offers and continued on the path of the Revolution , orders were issued to kill him ; but this was the last choice .
When unable to contain, the World order will resort to liquidation, but not before ; this is because the World order is pragmatic in his way of thinking and finds it better to make use of available forces rather than liquidating them . It is important to say that all the Palestinian heroes and leaders that were qualified to lead the Palestinian Resistance and were refusing to compromise with the enemy were liquidated one after the other . Remained those who were less qualified . Then, came both intifadas that were the expression of the true Palestinian longings , they were exploited by the Palestinian Authority but without reaping any serious result .
. Now, the Palestinian Resistance Movement in the West Bank and Jerusalem has become a mere protest movement rather than a Resistance . Thanks to the new Israeli scheme, the West Bank and Jerusalem have become experimentation fields where Israel is practicing and testing how to control and manipulate the Palestinian protest movements so that these movements become predictable and contained and controlled . The goal is not to eradicate these protests but to control them and control therefore their effects and repercussions .
Israel does this using foreign affiliated NGOs that are sometimes israeli NGOs headed by foreign and local activists who recruit Palestinians and monitor their protest movement whether in al Aqsa or Jerusalem or the West Bank . This is how, almost every day, we hear of clashes happening in al Aqsa- for example- and confrontations happening between the army and the protesters or between them and the settlers . These protests are not really spontaneous even if they look so . They are carried on by Palestinians but do not originate from the people themselves ‘ they are rather designed, arranged and monitored by the foreign affiliated NGOs that have Israeli connections . This makes Israel in control of what is happening on the ground and even when victims fall and injuries happen this remains within the Israeli jurisdiction that is able to deal with it .
The thing Israel and the World Order fear most is the unpredictable and the unexpected , it is the genuine Resistance of the people in which both have no say and where the infiltrated NGOs have no role and to which they have no access , It is the genuine Resistance of the people that has already defeated Israel and from where the Israelis know that the real threat to their existence originates