Sweden's 'Who Is Hussain blood donation campaign / Photos

The need of blood in the society today are greater than ever, daily several hundred liters of blood are used for the ones in need. During operations, accidents, childbirth and treatment of serious diseases there is a need of blood replacement. Blood isn’t something that can be produced in an artificial way, it requires from us to selflessly donate to others in need.

Through the timeless role model, Hussain, we were inspired to bring a positive change in society. Hussein was a man who, through his selfless sacrifice inspired thousands of people throughout the world to give for the welfare of others. He was an outstanding man who lived in a society filled with oppression and tyranny. His struggle was a struggle against social injustice.

Everything we give back to society is a form of charity, charity is based on the individual's gift. The best form of a gift is the gift of life, blood saves a life if not several. Who is Hussain - Stockholm therefore decided this year to inspire and encourage young people to donate blood.

The campaign began in October, several members were recruited and encouraged to donate blood. In mid-November, November the 16th the blood donation week began where several of the young people who became inspired to donate blood and save lives, participated. On November 20th the campaign ended were over forty was estimated had participated and donated in Hussain's name.

Photo's by: Heidar Muhammad