The Super Power Of The Resistance:

The Syrians fleeing their country and coming to take refuge in Lebanon are surprised to see the situation in Lebanon very critical and to see that Lebanon is passing through an extremely precarious and vulnerable state and is not able to accommodate the flow of refugees that amounts to almost a million .
What could one expect when Syria is being hit and assaulte…d ? How would Lebanon fare if Syria is under attack ? These countries are not separate , they are one country . Those who think that Lebanon and Palestine or Syria are separate countries and that it is only Palestine which is occupied cannot but be wrong . All Arab countries are occupied , a different occupation that is not direct but which amounts to the same .
These countries are under occupation whether Lebanon, Jordan or Syria or Iraq or Egypt or KSA and others as well . .Each is occupied like Palestine is occupied . Each and all are crippled and unable to move forward , unable to grow autonomous or to develop , unable to have a say in their present or future .
Imagine a country like KSA who provides oil for all does not have any of the constituents of a real country . Countries that are unable to feed their people like Egypt, or unable to provide the minimal security for the population – like Iraq – or being subject to an ugly assault- like Syria -or threatened by civil war and sectarian religious fight like Lebanon.
No country can grow in these circumstances nor solve its problems . ISRAEL IS A REAL CANCER THAT HAS AFFECTED THE WHOLE BODY AND NOT JUST THE SICK ORGAN .. It is important to see this disease as spreading to the whole area. And there is no life for this whole body unless the cancer is removed . Therefore every single Arab knows and Palestinians know that there is no possible agreement or understanding with the Israelis , no two states and no one state solution for all and no recognition or normalization . There is no possible formula of coexistence with cancer or with the Israelis and no possible peace . There is war until victory is reached and this is the kind of reasoning that the Lebanese Resistance has developed, that Israel is the enemy of all and the sole enemy and there is no way for Arabs to survive except if they defeat Israel and overcome the cancer and recover their health and strength and become a country able to survive .
Israel should be removed, and the process of removing it has started since the Lebanese Resistance has started in the eighties and has made a great progress until it defeated the Israeli army despite the enormous task and the great difficulties and the innumerable conspiracies and the incomparable sacrifices at all levels .
The defeat of Israel has started and -with it the defeat of USA –. This defeat was due in year 2006, when the Lebanese Resistance needed only 2 weeks more – added to the 33 days of war- in order decimate more than one third of the Israeli army and this is something that has been disclosed lately, that the Resistance wanted to extend the war of summer 2006 in order to make Israel suffer a greater defeat , but the local enemies of the Resistance put lots of pressure and started bribing the people and blackmailing the Resistance as usual , so the war had to be stopped before it could achieve a more significant victory that would draw the end of Israel nearer for: how could Israel survive without its army , without an army ? There is no existence of Israel without an army .
Now the resistance -after passing all these difficult tests and challenges – has grown even stronger, and has become a major player not only in Lebanon but in the whole region. It is supporting and protecting Syria in addition to Lebanon. It has become as important as Russia and China – if not more- and has been warning Israel about any wrong move that will put the existence of the usurping state itself at stake.