Sumayya Isa Hassan: Glowing tribute to a Heroine

By Muhammad Baqir Gashua

Sumayya Isa Hassan born in around October 1990, she did her schools in Jos and Zaria,and student of Biochemistry in ABU Zaria until the The Zaria massacre, she is missing since 13th of December 2015, she was last seen in the residence of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky Gyellesu Sumayya is working with the official website of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, she is mostly the one responsible for uploading the audio of any relevant programme conducted among other things, before the Zaria Massacre.

Sumayya's name have been an epitome of sacrifice and hardworking. The task is a real difficult one, but she have successfully handled the task, making it (the task) to look simpler for those that didn't know. Sumayya is largely the force behind the circulation of all Audio speeches of the leader of Islamic movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, in the last three years. Looking at the cycle she's working as a lady is enough to tell you how determined and agile she is. Sumayya is tireless in her effort to see works done, she can be trusted always with such hard tasks, and she's always eager to learn new ways of solving problems.

Sumayya combined school with activism, she's attending to her schooling activities, she have integrated her work and school well. The way she's relating with other people be it her colleagues or not colleagues is really remarkable, she's a friend to all, her cheerful attitude have makes her really unique in all cycles she's attending, her simplicity tells you how clear and bright her mind is, the way she's solving problems for others shows her brilliant state of mind, i will sum this up whoever knows Sumayya knows she's well-mannered, she is young but still model for younger ones.

My personal encounter with Sumayya is much to be discussed here, i will only talk about how we relate as teammates, we work closely together for good three years, until the tragic Zaria massacre. Sumayya did all she could do to encourage me to work, with her wise and depth advice, she lends me her helping hand whenever I am about to fail, I valued her counsel more than any other thing, at times i feel discouraged due to some difficulties, but seeing Sumayya working alone trigger me to try harder, I often complained to her about some problems, she will usually and unrelentingly cheer me up with some great words of encouragement, the words are still very much alive in my memory.

I remember few weeks before the tragic Zaria massacre, Sumayya seeing me working with Adobe Photoshop, after taking a look for some minutes she proposed that I should teach her how to use the highly professional Photo editing software, I politely declined knowing that what i knows in Photoshop is very limited, I tell her am also a beginner a total learner, we need a professional to takes us through, but she humbly insisted that i should teach her the very little i know, we finally agreed to have a look together when we have time, Sadly we didn't get the chance of having that time.

I pray nothing bad happens to you Sumayya, if you were martyred then i must congratulate you, and i will say you deserved it, my prayers are many but the nearest one is we are really missing your bright cheerful face, we need to see you as soon as it may be, the reality is we are not ready to loss you, you still have very much to offer to us, we are still in need of your sincere and brilliant advice. Sumayya and many like her are the evidence against the bestial natured Nigeria Soldiers.

Finally Oh Allah we invoked you, in Your infinite mercy to destroy whoever oppresses our leader, brothers,sisters and us, Oh Allah free our leader Your servant, his wife and hundreds of our brothers, Oh Allah accept the martyrdom of our Brothers and Sisters and give health to our injured.

#FreeZakzaky #GodprotectZakzaky