Suhaila Ibraheem Zakzaky, makes a call to the brothers of Islamic Movement

Suhaila Ibraheem Zakzaky the daughter of the detained leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, describes in short audio how her Father Sheikh Zakzaky was shot severally in his leg, hand and even face, and how Malama Zeenatuddeen her mother was also shot in leg, Suhaila further elaborate how her younger brothers Hammad, Ali and Humaid were shot particularly Hammad and the 13 years old Humaid who were shot on the head. She described how she and many others were physically assaulted, they have their Hijab stripped before they were took them to the Barrack. Suhaila makes the call on brothers to persist and keep on peaceful resistance, until Sheikh Zakzaky and our brothers are freed. Suhaila elaborated how Sheikh Zakzaky praised the effort of brothers in his defence before he was arrested, she advised the brothers to make more effort to realize the release of Sheikh Zakzaky.

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