Students held a one day Conference in Tehran

By Ammarah A Ahmad

On Friday 4th of Ramadan 1437( 10/06/2016) Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria studying at Tehran University of Medical Sciences(TUMS) had a conference with other fellow members of the Movement from Qum. Iran.
The conference begins with an opening prayer, followed by a brief lecture by Malam Muhammad Mukhtar Kazaure, in which he emphasized on the importance of seeking knowledge, good moral conduct and the act of charity giving in our society.
Malam Jamilu from Qum also spoke on importance of abiding with Islamic code of dressing especially to Muslims sisters.
Malam Isma'il Qum concluded with narrating some beautiful Quotations from previous lectures of Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky(H) to students, in which he also emphasized on the importance of seeking knowledge and getting experience from other developed societies.
On the other hand sister Saddiqa Ibrahim and sister Ammarah Abubakar briefly discussed on the current Iranian society in which foreign students are living and a way forward.
The conference ended up after questions and answers session and a closing prayer.

#free Zakzaky
#Allah protect Zakzaky