Once again the current Buhari regime in Nigeria has exposed itself as an inhuman and criminal regime that has no regard for the rights if its citizens or the sanctity of human life. According to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) and other trusted sources, well armed police men in close to a hundred police trucks yesterday 14/11/16, opened fire on the peaceful Arbaeen trek to Zaria in the outskirts of Kano metropolis, killing close to a hundred members of the movement including women and children.

Exact number of those killed or maimed by police bullets is still being ascertained since most of the corpses were again ferried away by the police (possibly for mass burial).

"The trek had started like in previous years solemnly, orderly and peacefully without hitches. Shortly after, a contingent of armed policemen appeared and started firing teargas on the trekkers without provocations. Because of the massive turnout, the trek continued and when IMN members reached a neighborhood called Kwanar Dawaki, about five Kilometers from Kano, police opened fire on the trekkers with live ammunition. The firing by the police was randomly carried out that they also hit their colleague, and we are not unmindful of possibility they would claim we did it, similar to what they did in Zaria", said the IMN official spokesman, Ibrahim Musa, in a press statement.

"Their antecedent and evil schemes are glaring. Already they have engaged the services of unscrupulous paid agents to push down the throats of the public that it was "clash" or even "exchange of fire" through falsified news reports. What vindicates us however is the very peaceful conduct of previous and present treks. The World bears witness to our peaceful conduct in the face of persecution. No one can simply attribute violence to us overnight.
We learnt of the attack as it was being plotted and we exposed it much earlier. That the security forces brazenly executed it in broad daylight only further exposes who actually are the assailants," added the IMN statement.

Mahdi Muslim Community (MMC) is bewildered as to why it is now criminal for some people to choose to trek to a certain town of their wish on foot, while not impeding the smooth flow of traffic along the highway. We view the unwarranted killings by the police as continuation of the pogrom started by the Nigerian Army in Zaria last year.

We hereby call on the Nigerian Government under President Buhari to put an end to the sheedding innocent lives on the slightest excuse. We support rightful demands of the families of the martyred to the police authorities to hand over to the bodies their martyrs and not be buried in a mass grave like was done by the Kaduna state in yet another crime against humanity.

We call upon the Buhari government to free the illegally detained leader of the IMN and internationally renowned Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and all those in captivity with him.


Abdulqadir A. Nasser
Mahdi Muslim Community
P. O. Box 10706 - 0010