The solution to our problems is in our Religion: Sheikh Zakzaky at Maulud ProcessionTerminating Speech

A maulud procession took place in Zaria on Saturday 17th Rabiul-Auwal (18/1/2014) to mark the birthday of the holy Prophet (S). The leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) spoke at the terminating ground of the procession, this is the brief summary of his speech.

 The birth of the prophet (S) have came with great miracle in such a way that every living beign in that particular period was aware of the birth, the example of such miraculous experiences on that day is the fall of the kisra wall and the fall of the crown of the Persian king, these numerous miracles gave the interpretation that something special have happened on that day. He was born a prophet but Allah (S) gave him a message when he is 40 years old after he was known for his good characters which convinced his people to give him the alias "Al-Ameen".

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) added that when he was sent by Allah(T) to his people, he call his people to a gathering in order to tell them the message of Allah (T) but his uncle Abulahab was the first person to reject his message, there and then Allah revealed a verse saying “The Hands of Abulahab shall perish and also he himself”.

He lived 23 years after the first revelation within which he filled his society with the light of his religion. He came with civilization and knowledge. The western world are nothing but practitioners of witchcraft, and a bunch of ignorant, even bathing is a crime to them, they are even more of ignorant than pre-Islamic Arab world, but with the advent of the apostle of Allah the world became civilized. But today the western world express Muslim nation as the uncivilized nations and even refer to them as terrorist, this is as the result of the Muslims diverting from the teachings of the prophet (S), Muslims have to take the responsibilities of practicing the good morals that we have in Islam because people would understand you better if you act not just speaking.

Do we expect Allah (T) to send another prophet with a different message and a different spiritual book of guidance? Our prophet is the last prophet of Allah to mankind and he came with a great book of guidance that would continue to be the suitable solutions for both our presence and the future problems we may come across.

This nation and the entire world will not continue to be in this form, the light is Islam and will surely rule the world as it is a promise of Allah (T).

Sheikh Zakzaky led the funeral prayer of some brothers and closed the gathering with a prayer.