An eye witness account of the Nigerian military atrocities narration made tears roll down with grieve and strengthen hearts to remain resolute on this noble path with echo of LABBAIKA YA ZAKZAKY!!! FREE, FREE ZAKZAKY!!! at the Sisters forum of the IMN Zaria massacre remembrance day held at Markazul Islamiy center Kano, Nigeria on Thursday 29th Rabiul Auwal, 1438 (29th December 2016).

Malama Jummai Karofi an eye witness of the Zaria massacre, injured and still nursing gun bullets a mother that have lost five children that were martyred by the ruthless and brutal Nigerian soldiers was a special guest speaker at the occasion.

No words can explain the brutality seen in what the Nigerian army showed in Zaria 12-15th December, 2015 massacre in an operation the army considered will carry out in a two hour operation to clear off Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in Nigerian history went to take days. However, a lot of lessons can be gained from various eye witness account of what happened within these days expressed Malama Jummai.

Lesson enumerated by Malama Jummai narrated how Shaikh Zakzaky (H) really has shown what and who truly is a leader, a leader who stood with his followers to face all torment faced by them, never flee despite pleas from his followers to leave his house that is under heavy artillery attack.

The resolute, courage, steadfastness and resistance shown by Shaikh Zakzaky’s followers especially youths that were armless stood in defense of their leader who were under heavy artillery attack, never back out to leave there leader with the army able to reach Shaikh Zakzaky (H) until all healthy follower were either killed or remain helpless.

The operation had also being planned with contingent of army personnel’s that never knew Gyellesu conducting their operation using security agents hiding under the cover of Shaikh Zakzaky (H) followers to divert their attention while approaching their target with various forms of carnage. Heavy machine guns were use, firing indiscriminately that even brought down walls of buildings and later went to shoot on the heads of any surviving followers they could spot.  

Barrister Haruna Magashi was also a guest speaker at the occasion brief the gathering on the status of the legal proceedings in the various courts on the Zaria massacre in Kaduna, Abuja and that of the Arbaeen Trek clamp down in Kano.

In the concluding remembrance day, Mal Sunusi AdulKadir Koki a special guest at the occasion boast the morale of all that choose to remain steadfast in the path of Allah, Our guide our Noble Prophet have shown to us what remaining resolute on the path of Allah entails, calling on us to continue with our activities, program and struggles and resist all forms of oppression and tyranny.

Earlier on in the programme Hakima Shaheed Muhammad M Turi read some verses of the Qur’an with Malama Maimuna making an introductory speech welcoming the guest speakers.

Muhammad Isa Ahmad.