Sisters Forum Abuja marked Zahra’s Birthday at National Mosque Abuja

By N. M. Mafara from Abuja
On Sunday 25th Jimada Sani, 1437, Sisters Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), Abuja Chapter, commemorated the birthday celebration of Sayyada Fatimatuz Zahra (AS) at the National Mosque, Central Area, Abuja. 

Usually the forum do organized the birthday annually and it was Malama Zeenat (who was illegally detained by the Nigerian regime) that normally present lecture at the programme. In her absence, her portray (picture) was placed on her chair during the celebration. Hundreds of people within Abuja and it environ attended the programme. 

The programme started by 11:30 am of the day (Sunday) 3rd Aprill, 2016 with Malama Aisha Nuhu as Mistress of Ceremony (MC), opening prayer by Malama Amina, Qur’anic Recitation by Malama Fatima Bashir, Recitation of Ziyaarat of Sayyada by  Maijidda Dalhatu, and lecture presentation by Malama Lubabatu Ladan Jos.  
Malama Lubabatu started her lecture by narrating brief history of Sayyada Fatimatuz Zahra (SA) and explained numerous names of Sayyada and lessons to be learned from her names and good qualities. Malama also added that Allah the Creator of earth and heaven has chosen the husband of Sayyada Fatima (AS), Imam Ali bn Abi Talib as the successor of Prophet Muhammad (S) and her children to be the leaders of this Ummah. She added that we presently live under the leadership of her great grandson in the person of Imam Mahdi (ATFS).

Malama prayed for immediate release of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), Malama Zenat Ibraheem and all brothers that were illegally detained by the Nigerian regim. 

The programme was successfully and peacefully ended by 1:27pm