A Sinister Plan on Islamic Movement by Nigerian Army Exposed in Kaduna

Series of plans by enemies of Islam and humanity to carry out a frenzied attack on Islamic Movement have always come to limelight. A fresh one being planted by Nigerian Army, in Hayin Rigasa Kaduna, has been debunked to us.

In a confirmed source by some members of the area acknowledged that, some serving Nigerian Solders in a public appearance are being stationed in different regions of the area as tenants. More so, the small-constructed Army barrack for peace keeping at the outskirt ofthe area, has now been deployed by many Nigerian Army. We see this motives as a smoke-screen, apartheid by the Kaduna state government. This is because, not sooner had the PMB assumed office, when he mandated the evacuation of Nigerian Army in all nook and cranny of areas and barricades within Northern States.

In a related news, a wind story is on circulation between yesterday and day before yesterday that, inhabitants of the Rigasa area witnessed a storm on houses of some brothers around Daura Road by Kano Road, in same Rigasa area.

Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a peaceful Movement where it keeps on carrying its activities peacefully and unarmed under the witnessing eyes of Nigeria citizens for the past 35 years of its existence.