SHIEK ZAKZAKY DETENTION AND THE BURDEN OF ACCOUNTABLE LEADERSHIP More than 500 days after his illegal detention before which more than a thousand of his followers were mercilessly massacred and buried in mass graves, the Nigerian government has unjustifiably continued to by-pass the law and paid no heed to the various calls by different people and organisations that Sheik Zakzaky should be freed and compensated. It is noteworthy that a FEDERAL HIGH COURT sitting in Abuja had several months ago, ordered the government to release him and compensate him as well as his wife, but the government refused to respect the ruling. This kind of flagrant violation of the rules of laws is a bad omen for a country that claims to practice a democratic system of government agency in which powers are shared between three arms of government, namely the executive, the judiciary and the legislature each of this which is tasked with checkmating the activities of the other. It is therefore hypocritical of the highest order to kill over one thousand people and no body is brought to book, and yet the victims of such inhumanity are kept without justification. This is an irony of democracy. To sum up the case, we call on the government to obey court order and release Shiek Zakzaky in order to get access to doctors. Musa Bayi Muhammad AFIMN Bauchi Chapter @mbayimuhd