Sheikh Zakzaky's Public speech at Bida

This program took place in a place well known as Este nupe ( Nufe’s Emir) in Bida. After the opening prayer, qur’anic recitation and display organized by Bida’s Fudiyyah Students. Mal. Muhammad  Bashir the representative of the local chapter (Bida) made a brief introduction to Sheikh Zakzaky in Nupe’s language.

Sheikh Zakzaky mentioned that this program is a mu’utamar organized by some members of Islamic movment in Bida, It starts on Thursday and its end up tomorrow and that he was invited to close the conference.

Sheikh Zakzaky said it has been almost 12 years from the last time he came to Bida, He said the speech he delivered last time will be the same with what he was going to say at the event and in short it is all about our responsibilities as Muslims

This is in brief Sheikh Zakzaky’s speech:

Incidentally this period of time varies with the time people usually celebrate Maulud (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday). We should compare our self with the prophet’s message and see what have accomplished from his message.

The Prophet didn’t just passed the message of Allah to us but this message was revealed to the prophet gradually so as to teach, translate and even practice the Qur’an for us. And Allah took the responsibility of write protecting the Qur’an that’s why it can never be changed. The prophet can be described as the living Qur’an, that is to say he is a sample of the Qur’an because we can only see the teachings of the Qur’an practically through him. The Qur’an was not just given to us without a translation. The prophet has thought us every single aspect we need to about every aspect in our life. Islam is not just a religion that has to do with an aspect of our lives rather it is a complete way of life. It consists of everything we need to know in our lives and we’ll never need anymore that what the prophet brought to us.

The colonialist (British colonialist) brought nothing to us but evil. When the colonialists came to Bida he discovered that their military technology was more advanced than theirs. For instance their canon was more matured than the colonialists’ own. That is why after the colonialists where able to win the battle the chopped off the hand of Bida’s engineers. Off course in this country there are some group of people that where been civilized by the colonialists. Now what do you expect from such a person that was been civilized by the colonialists to be opportune as a leader for us. Off course he’ll show no respect to our religion (Islam) because he only knows the colonialists.

Islam brought the real meaning of Rights, every aspect of rights. This includes the woman rights, Animals’ rights, enemy’s rights and even your own self’s rights. Now Islam is considered as an enemy, those who practice it are referred to as terrorist.

What is our responsibility now? Is this how we shall continue to be? The more we keep on enduring this situation the worse the situation becomes. Islam shall come back the way it was whether we like it or not; Islam will govern this Nation the way it was governing it before during sheikh Usman bn Fodio but off course this is not going to be done without any of our efforts. Did the prophlet brought Islam without any struggle? Did sheikh Usman bn Fodio reconstitute the constitution islamically without any struggle? Are we expecting this to be done over a night without any effort? Are we expecting others to do this work for us? Shall we stand aside and hope our children shall do this work for us? We must make some effort before we expect any assistance from Allah. In fact our silence is leading to a bad meaning to Islam because other may believe it is not a belief but a tradition. The prophet was the first and only Muslim before he calls others to Islam. If he should have stayed without calling others Islam shouldn’t have been spread to anywhere. Now it’s left for us to stay strong with our faith as Muslims and aware others and its left for everyone to find out what role is he going to play so as to bring back Islam the way it was; Islam will only come back as it was when everybody shall do this.

The closing prayer was conducted by sheikh Zakzaky and that was the end of the program.